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There’s more BN3TH this bag: no more single-use plastic.

We're not perfect, but we're trying. Introducing new mesh BN3TH product bags to replace plastic packaging.

At BN3TH, we strive to innovate every day, constantly looking for better ways to make our products and packaging in order to have a lesser impact on the environment.

When we first introduced clothing to our product line, many of the items came in single use plastic bags—not cool. We quickly set out to come up with alternative packaging that was plastic-free and would continue to serve a purpose once its contents were in use. Fast forward a few months, and we’re proud to say we’ve eliminated the use of single use plastic bags for our Sleepwear, Tees, 2 IN 1’s, Joggers, and Merino Wool products!

BN3TH tees come out, and all your other things go in! Use these for packing, laundry, toiletries... everything!

BN3TH reusable pouch for travel, organization and laundry.

Those products now come in our new repurposable mesh zippered bags, which can be used for just about anything. Think laundry, packing, toiletries, sweaty gym gear, electronics… the possibilities are endless.


This summer, ours have been living at the beach. Toss in your hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, an inflatable beach ball and a speaker and you’re set for the day.

Beach essentials in the BN3TH reusable pouch. Perfect for rad summer adventures!

Featured: Alain was away for a weekend in the woods and forgot coffee filters. Problem solved!

What will you do with yours? Share with us at BN3TH.com

Have a brilliant idea for yours? We want to see! Submit your use for your mesh bag here:

BN3TH Crew Tee in Black

BN3TH Joggers in Grey

BN3TH Unisex Sleepwear in Black

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