10 Quick Changes You Can Make To Help the Environment

Making greener choices is surprisingly easy. While it often feels like for anything big to happen in the mission to meet climate-change goals and reduce emissions is in the hands of the government, it’s often up to us to do our very real part.

Since we’re all busy and often don’t have the time to accomplish huge cleanup projects (though it’s awesome when we do!), here are 10 easy ways to help the environment.


Support ‘better’ brands 

Find companies who actively support carbon offsetting projects and use sustainable or recycled materials wherever possible.


Grow Wildflowers

If you have a plant bed or outdoor plant pots, you can help provide food for the bees, without which we wouldn’t have two thirds of our food!


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Sponsor a Carbon-Offsetting Program 

Find an initiative like Simpli Zero – for $1.25 a week you can balance your carbon footprint.


Reduce Water Waste

As well as being better for your wallet, saving water reduces carbon pollution since it takes a lot to pump, heat, and treat your water. Choose showers over baths, turn off the tap while brushing teeth, and install water-efficient fixtures.


Use LED Bulbs

These use 80 percent less energy than conventional bulbs. They’re also cheaper over their lifetime as they last longer.


Eat What You Buy

Around 10% of U.S. energy goes toward growing, processing, and shipping food, and about 40% of that ends up in a landfill. If your veggies are going bad, cut them up and make a soup or stew. You’ll be surprised how good it tastes and can always be portioned in freezer bags and saved for later.


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Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Don’t spend money heating your home thanks to a drafty door frame. You might even be able to claim federal tax credits for making energy-efficient home improvements.



Keep materials that can be reused out of the landfill. Metals, plastic, paper, food scraps, and more can all be repurposed, including the plastic bottles that are recycled into super-soft fibers for BN3TH’s Entourage collection


Put a Sweater On

Instead of touching the thermostat, layer up! Did you know that, on average increasing your home temperature by just 1 degree raises your heating bill by 3%?



Get Involved

Find a cleanup group, community garden, or local initiative in your area to start making a difference.


We’re not perfect, but we’re trying – read about BN3TH’s Sustainability Story



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