5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying New Underwear

Finding the right style of underwear for your body type

Finding the right underwear for you comes down to a few things, but let’s start off with length.  

For the slimmer gent, a trunk looks great and the shorter leg (a 3.5” inseam) can make your legs look longer.  

For those of us with thicker thighs need some help to avoid can sometimes rub or chafe, a Boxer Brief with a 6.5” inseam will keep everything running smoothly.  

If you’re new to a brand, make sure you check out their sizing guide to ensure your new underwear fits you right.  

Then there is the full length aka long-johns or thermals, which fits like a cross between underwear and pants. Full length underwear is designed as a layer to go under ski or snowboarding pants, or whatever you’re wearing on a really cold day. 


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What’s the best underwear for my activity level? 

For everyday wear, working your 9-5 in an office or at home, or staying comfortable, make sure your underwear is ultra-soft and breathable, as well as being made by a sustainably sourced fabric like Tencel™ Modal. 


If you’re the type of guy that likes to keep moving—whether on a mountain trail, a nearby treadmill, or on the road—then you need underwear designed to keep you supported and wick that moisture away. BN3TH’s Entourage collection has the best of both worlds with the durable EcoDry fabric and moisture-wicking technology. Plus, they’re made of 100% post-consumer recycled polyester for Mother Earth. It really doesn’t get better.  ‘ve got a full day of different activities 


For anyone really going for a personal-best, pushing themselves further, the new silkier & smoother fabric of the PRO Boxer Brief was made to move. Just like the moisture-wicking wonder of the Entourage, these will keep you dry and supported, with the added bonus of IONIC™ No Stink Technology, a permanent silver anti-odor technology that kills stink before it starts.  


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What’s the most comfortable type of underwear? 

Aside from the fabric, it’s all about design. You’ve got to make sure that your boys are separated from your legs to avoid chafing or sticking so you don’t have to adjust, at all. Ever.  

Most men’s underwear either keeps everything pressed against the body or might even have a little barrier, but for the ultimate in support and comfort, you gotta have a pouch. Specifically the MyPakage Pouch Technology 


Is the brand sustainable?  

If we’re going to make a difference to the environment around us, we have to be in it together and that means knowing exactly where your money is going 

A few things to look out for when shopping: 

  • Carbon-neutral – does the brand invest in projects that create renewable energy? 
  • Do they use sustainable production processes? 
  • Are they good quality and built to last? 
  • Do they use recycled consumer materials in their products? 
  • Is their packaging recyclable? 

Great news! BN3TH does all of these and more! BN3TH also partners with some incredible organizations like Protect Our Winters, The Surfrider Foundation, and One Tree Planted, carbon-neutral online sales of Tencel products, all doing what they can to fight climate change and make a real difference to the world we all share.  



What are the reviews like?  

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