KUPS is the artist behind some of your favorite BN3TH prints. But his talent goes way beyond underwear. And in addition to creating mesmerizing art, turns out he’s a pretty skilled fellow in the many different facets of manhood. So knowing “It begins with what’s BN3TH,” we asked KUPS for a handful of inspirational photos from his personal camera roll and some words of wisdom behind what drives him as a creative. Sink your teeth in below…

I live in Whistler, BC and have been a professional artist for 15-plus years. But what I’m most excited about is what I hope to create in my next 15 years. I feel like I’m constantly learning and experimenting, while trying to not to get too attached to styles or mediums. 

Mantra and mottos of slowing down and being the ‘student’ are always in practice. Especially since things are evolving at such a high speed these days. As an artist, I feel like overly prompt expiration dates are being attached to one’s work that in no way seem fair. 

Don’t forget to give yourself time to marinate on things that catch your attention. It’s getting harder and harder to visually impact with amplitude, expression, and even be provocative. These days I find myself trying to unlearn past process, break down old behavior patterns and take scheduled absences from social media. Some of you may agree that these are all necessary steps for preserving ones creativity and flow. 

I continually tell myself that I will always be a student, I must stay grounded and keep trying new things.

With so many hours spent drawing and doing mock ups, these digital sketch books are a game changer.

Giving back in the classroom. My mom was a teacher for 30-plus years. And I love going into schools to help out when I can.

Morning yoga practice as part of my daily routine.

I'm getting close to finishing up my body suit...There's not much room left.

This wall was left unattended so my friend Alex and I thought we’d help it out.

Snowboarding has always been a passion since I was a kid.

Prime Time! Best tool for the job for fast coverage.

GP track day. I always want to get faster.

For more on KUPS, visit his website and give him a follow on Instagram

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