Parker Coffin gets paid to travel to exotic locations and surf perfect waves. (Dream job alert!) And deservedly so, he’s arguably one of the best to do it in waves from two- to 20-feet. But honing ones craft to excel at that level doesn’t come easy and Coffin puts in marathon sessions — both in the surf and training — to help fuel his passion.

He credits BN3TH’s Entourage Collection for keeping him comfortable and chafe-free during those long surfs in tepid saltwater. Although, it’s a shame our fabric couldn’t help protect his face from a Caribbean coral reef! 

Coffin suffered a horrendous wipeout last winter in Barbados and nearly lost his eye. Yet, true to his character, he remained positive and optimistic throughout his recovery and ultimately returned to dominance by winning the highly-coveted Rincon Classic at his homebreak just three months after the injury.

So knowing that “It Begins With What’s BN3TH,” we tapped Coffin for a handful of telling images from his personal camera roll that shine a light on the inspirational man that he truly is.

All captions by Parker Coffin


When getting out of the icy winter conditions, even a trash bucket filled with hot water feels like luxury.  Photo: Nate Zoller

I enjoy feeling good and Foundation Training has become a big part of my workout routine. I look forward to my classes and enjoy sharing the benefits with friends and family. 

Eating might be my favorite thing to do...and breakfast burritos are at the top of my list. #FatBoySurfCamp for life! Photo: Nate Zoller

Hawaii is one of my favorite places in the world to surf. There's nothing quite like scratching into a wall of water and pulling up into the barrel.

Acupuncture played a big roll in my recovery from the nasty injury I had this past winter in Barbados. It looks weird, but feels amazing.

That winning feeling really is special, even more so when you win at your homebreak. Photo: Ian Grose

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