BN3TH Anthem: Part 1 OF 3

One of the main reasons MyPakage changed their name to BN3TH was to be able to tell the story of WHY they do what they do. Welcome to the World of Radical.


The evolution of MyPakage to BN3TH gave us the opportunity to talk more about the why we do what we do rather than just product technology and innovation. Yes, we design and manufacture the best underwear on the market with our patented MyPakage Pouch Technology™, but we are so much more than that.

The BN3TH staff and community of friends, supporters and Entourage members all believe in doing everything we can to make the world a better place by always trying to inspire and elevate those around us. We believe that since underwear is the first thing you put on in the morning, it should be a reminder to always experience your most radical self and have the best day possible. Increased Comfort = Increased Performance, no matter what your day has in store for you.

BN3TH underwear is the first thing you put on in the morning, giving you the comfort and confidence to tackle your day.

With everything that’s going on in the world today it can be difficult to cultivate self-confidence and feel worthwhile when everyone is posting and sharing the best versions of themselves rather than the real everyday ups and downs that we all go through. We know life can be difficult—we are on a mission to seek out the positive and be open to learning from our mistakes in order to live our lives as authentically as possible.

The one thing we know for certain is that you will fall. You will make mistakes, but it’s how you get up and learn from the rough times that makes your story special and ultimately makes you stronger. We want to encourage people to follow their passions and create the story they want for themselves. We believe everyone is amazing. Let’s all try to help one another out by sharing experiences, talking honestly about our problems, then support and elevate each other to the other side.

In addition to producing sustainable underwear, BN3TH celebrates individuality and community.

Technical. Athletic. Elevated Performance.

• 100% recycled polyester made from post-consumer plastic bottles
• Designed by our Entourage: skaters, artists, bikers & all  around rad people
• New EcoDry fabric is soft, durable & breathable

The BN3TH Entourage encourages living an authentic life, keeping an eye out for your friends and being true to yourself.

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