Chocolate, flowers, jewelry…come on, man! Think! What your sweetheart really wants for Valentine’s Day is some heartfelt originality. Putting in some time, effort and caring will go a long way as opposed to the typical, mindless go-to gifts. But for those who need a kick in the pants to send you off in the right direction, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite do-it-yourself gifts that will make your sweetie swoon.


A Personalized Photo Album

All you need to buy is a disposable camera, a photo album (maybe seed a few pics of ya’ll together in there ahead of time) and a gift card to develop the film. Then create your own memories and fill in the album up together once the film is developed.


“What I Love About You” Jar

Write what you appreciate about your lover, put it into a jar and have them open one every day or whenever they need a special reminder. Perfect for someone who's love language is "words of affirmation."


Cook A Romantic Dinner

Create an upscale date night at home. Dress up, don’t skimp on the ingredients, light candles, dust off the fine china, play romantic music and pretend you’re at a fancy restaurant.


A Picnic Basket Of Favorites

Think of it as a cornucopia of “yes, I’m paying attention.” Take note of all your partner’s favorite treats and pampering items and combine them into one smorgasbord of love.


Create A Scavenger Hunt Around The House

Come up with a list of cute clues that will lead your lover from one riddle to the next, while searching throughout the house for the next one. The key here is to have the final payoff be something meaningful and heartfelt.


A Jar Of Kisses

Grab a mason jar, fill it with Hershey’s Kisses, adorn it with a sweet note (something to the tune of “Here’s a sweet kiss for when I’m not around”) and thank us later.

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