Introducing - the new TJ Rogers Collab

World renowned technical skater, BN3TH Entourage member, and community-minded rad dude, TJ Rogers is a joy to be around. (Cover image by Daniel Mathieu)

As well as having the kind of joy that spreads through a crowd, he’s the first to volunteer for a clean up project or to give back to young skaters.  
“We have such a beautiful world that we live in if we all chipped in together and we're able to recycle and do something positive for the world. I think that's a good thing to do I'm just super hyped to be a part of what BN3TH is doing I think it's super rad.” – TJ Rogers 

Originally from Ontario, Canada, TJ moved to the skateboarding mecca of Southern California, popularly known as SoCal and has been welcomed to the World stage thanks to his tenacity and highly technical skills. He recently competed in the final round of the Olympic qualifiers and became a fan favorite on the Dew Tour.  



Most recently, TJ wrapped up a 30-day cross-Canada tour for a new web series with Redbull TV called 'Steady Pushin', due to be released mid-August.

Moreover, TJ is one of the talented team of athletes who have collaborated with BN3TH on many designs for the Entourage collection of performance boxer briefs. 


(photos by Daniel Mathieu)

 Each of the brightly colored supportive underwear is designed in collaboration with one of the BN3TH Entourage, a talented group of skaters, snowboarders, artists, surfers, and mountain bikers. On top of that, the underwear is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles and feature BN3TH’s patented MyPakage Pouch Technology™. Creating the material from recycled plastic is a hugely important part of BN3TH’s mantra to leave the world better than we found it. Using plastic this way keeps it out of the landfill and transforming the material into super-soft, sustainably-supportive underwear, complete with BN3TH’s patented MyPakage Pouch Technology™ that keeps you feeling awesome all day. 



As well as changing the way we move on land, the Entourage collection have been adopted by the surf community as the go-to undershort to keep them comfortable and chafe-free in the water and on the beach. Iconic surf magazine STAB recently featured BN3TH’s collection and Michael Ciaramella said “They fit like a glove, kept the boys high and tight, and most importantly at this moment, provided a layer of rash protection for my coming surfs…There’s no subtle way of putting this, but sometimes when men try to perform a modern backside tube stall—ass dragging on the floor, forearm flat against the face—they expose a certain, sensitive part of their anatomy to an unforgiving and turbulent wave face.”  


TJ’s “Tie Dye Pacific” signature pairs have been worn by pros across many sport disciplines, including skaters, athletes, and surfers like BN3TH’s newest Entourage member Parker Coffin, and everyone else who need more performance from their underwear.  





With a previous collab between BN3TH and artist Lucas Beaufort, TJ discovered what it means to be part of the BN3TH Entourage.  





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