Parker Coffin Signs With BN3TH to do the Unthinkable

Generations of surfers have sworn by only wearing boardshorts and nothing else while in the ocean. Chafing, rashes, and soreness are just part of the lifestyle, right–but what if they weren’t?

Since BN3TH visited the world-renowned Pipe Masters event in Hawaii last December, professional surfers and Olympic athletes have been doing the inconceivable – wearing something under their boardshorts. In what was previously considered an absolute no-no by the elite demographic of the sport, the world’s best surfers are now gravitating towards putting on a pair of BN3TH’s Entourage collection before each session for increased performance and comfort.



Parker Coffin was one of the first surfers to immediately recognize what we here at BN3TH, already know: Increased comfort will lead to increased performance and longer surfs. Parker has been wearing BN3TH Entourage undershort beneath his boardies for months now and has officially joined the BN3TH Entourage to spread the word.



“To be a part of BN3TH is really exciting for me. It’s a newer brand with really talented and motivated employees who place a ton of awareness of giving back to our planet... I’m excited to be around that type of energy and represent a brand/product I believe in. Comfort is crucial for surfing long hours and now that I’ve used the Entourage, I’m never going back.”
– Parker Coffin



Each of the brightly colored underwear is designed in collaboration with one of the BN3TH Entourage, a talented group of skaters, snowboarders, artists, surfers, and mountain bikers. On top of that, the underwear are made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles and feature BN3TH’s patented MyPakage Pouch Technology™.


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STAB Magazine recently mentioned BN3TH as the savior of their board shorts review: “I was fortunate enough to find a pair of XS BN3TH Entourage shorts. They fit like a glove, kept the boys high and tight, and most importantly at this moment, provided a layer of rash protection for my coming surfs.” – Michael Ciaramella STAB Magazine.   

BN3TH’s Entourage collection is available at and surf, skate, and sport shops across USA, Canada, and worldwide.



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