Rad Dad - Vincent Marjes

Everybody knows a Rad Dad: a role model, teacher, coach, best friend, mentor and hero. This Fathers Day, we want to share some of our favourite Rad Dads with you.

Vincent Marjes is a California-native turned Idaho local, with a passion for street fashion and sneakers, Vincent is a proud dad of 2 little wild ones. Kohen turns 4 in June and Rosie Jo is 2.5 years old.

"Being a dad is immensely rewarding all while testing the limits. It wouldn't be character- building if it wasn't, right? Dad-life is next-level and I love my family like crazy."  

"Doing our best to make sure our kids enjoy life and making the most of it all is super important to my wife and I. Whether we are going on local trail hikes, enjoying some boat time on Hayden Lake or hiking up the many parks and splash pads around town are some of our favorite things to do during Spring and Summer." 

Follow Vincent’s story @vincethebeliever.



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