Valentine’s Day Gift List – For more than just your partner

Valentine's Day is a perfect opportunity to share some love for more than just your romantic partnerIf you’re looking for some great gifts for men, for women, for your friends, or anyone else who you want to show a little love right now, keep reading. We know that lots of you want to know, how much should I spend on a Valentine's gift? Or for the last-minute planner, ‘What are the best last-minute gift ideas?’. Don’t worry – we've got you. 

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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Guys 

Whether he’s your partner or just a bud you want to say – ‘I appreciate you’, the best gift is the gift of comfort. 


BN3TH have two new designs that’ll show him exactly how you feel whether it’s a gift of Love or just to show someone you appreciate them, the Tie Dye Love and Roses are Red Classics the perfect go-to. 







Sustainable Shaving – Disposable razors are a huge cause of plastic waste, and often don’t provide the best shave. Safety razors are a great way to be better for the world and your face. The handles can be made from wood or a satisfyingly heavy metal, and the blades are incredibly cheap and can often be recycled. 




Gift an Experience – Book a kayaking trip or boat rental for the day. Take some time for both of you away from it all. 




Radically Better Padded Bike Chamois Liners – Stay comfortable on the trail with the biggest innovation to mountain biking shorts in 40 years – the North Shore Chamois.  



Valentine’s Day Gifts for Ladies 

Everyone loves a fresh, sustainably soft, insanely comfortable pair of BN3TH pajamas. Since we’re pretty much stuck inside 24/7, we might as well feel awesome, right?  

The most comfortable pajamas in the world are, of course made by BN3TH!   




Other gifts perfect for a best friend or partner: 

  • Plants make amazing gifts. They clean the air and help breathe life into any room 
  • Power tools – Whether it’s building, or something needs fixing, everyone needs good tools to get the job done  
  • Wine – check out wines from your local wineries. It might inspire a visit in the future 
  • Order in from a local restaurant and plan a romantic evening. Candles, music, the whole nine yards 
  • Sports gear – whatever they’re into, something that will help them get active is appreciated 
  • Flowers – classic and always well received  




Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids 

If you’re a parent, you know that the little ones need things to do and crafts are always a great idea to help get them to stay in one place, even if it’s just for a minute.  





Via Etsy 


Valentine’s Day gifts for school classmates  

Of course, we totally forgot the mandatory gifts for all the kiddies in your child’s class. If you’re looking to avoid a ton of plastic, there are plenty of cheap sustainable or recyclable gifts for kids, like: 

  • Small packs of pencils from reclaimed wood 
  • Packets of seeds 
  • Seed ‘bombs’ - dried sand + clay mix with wildflower seeds mixed in 
  • Reusable silicone drinking straws (buy a multipack and split up to save money) 





Quickest Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts 

For the fastest solution to the age-old problem ‘I forgot to buy a Valentine’s Day gift’ - shop local. Hit up your local surf, skate, and gear stores and grab some BN3TH pajamas for her or the best underwear he’ll ever own. Find out where your local BN3TH seller is in your town on our Store Locator 

There are also gift cards so your Valentine can pick up something awesome a little later. While most stores have them, the BN3TH one is the best gift card, ever!  




For last, last-minute gifts check out Amazon Prime to get your BN3TH on next day delivery on select styles 




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