BN3TH’s co-founders share the origin story of pouch underwear

We know “It Begins With What’s BN3TH,” but where did BN3TH begin? 

Spoiler alert…it involves a pair of Calvin Kleins, some scissors and a sewing machine.

BN3TH’s co-founders Dez Price and Dustin Bigney were unhappy with the current state of men’s underwear, noticing that was currently available failed provide the support needed for uncompromised comfort in crucial situations. So they decided to take a stand.

Price and Bigney share your favorite underwear’s origin story during this tell-all interview that examines the inception of the brand formerly known as MyPakage. Following years of serious R&D, BN3TH’s rebirth arrived with a shiny, new name, a sustainable approach to business and multiple product awards. 

Hear it all firsthand in the video above.

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