Here at BN3TH, we believe that increased comfort equals increased performance. And that doesn’t necessarily translate only to active pursuits. We simply want you to be the best version of yourself. And, although we like to say: “It begins with the first thing you put on every day…” Being a better man goes way beyond one’s wardrobe. 

So, we’ve cobbled together a handful of inspirations and actions, based off our company values, that might give you a slight nudge towards increased self-improvement. New year, new you…right? Take ‘em or leave ‘em. Never any judgement… 


Whether that’s vigorous exercise, walking the dog or soaking up some Vitamin D, nobody benefits from confined spaces and stale air. Our roots are in the outdoors, and we’ve seen firsthand the benefits reaped from spending time in the ocean, the mountains, the deserts and beyond. Some simple reflection and a few deep breathes are sure to enhance your vibrancy, while leaving you feeling better than before you left the house or the computer. According to Dr. Andrew Huberman, it turns out that a bit of direct sunlight every morning will even help your sleep cycles and increase your overall well-being. (Check out The Huberman Lab podcast or give him a follow on Instagram.)


Dr. Huberman, a neuroscience professor at Stanford, has plenty more tips and reasons why a good night’s sleep is absolutely vital. We’ll let you dig deeper on your own. But one thing we’re certain of: being a good dad/husband/partner/employee/human being is heaps easier when you’ve got your circadian rhythm in check. Sleep is essential for performance, mental health, reducing stress and improving your mood. Meaning, putting your best foot forward in daily life is much easier when you’re well-rested. So instead of clicking “skip to next episode” on your Netflix binge, maybe flick off the tube, grab a book and read for 20 minutes before turning in. Shoot for 7+ hours sleep a night for a week straight and see what happens. 


Sure, we’re all busy. Constantly working hard to get through life’s daily task with efficiency. And once we’ve found a few spare hours, how do we choose to spend that time? (Hopefully, with some time outdoors and extra sleep!) But what about giving back or helping others? Studies have shown that volunteering provides many mental and physical health benefits such as counteracting stress, anger and anxiety, combatting depression, increased happiness and self-confidence and a newfound sense of purpose. Sign us up!


Post holidays, it’s easy to feel the need to “dry out” a bit. And Dry January is a real thing. But whether you choose a full cold-turkey halt or simply want to curb that 5 o’clock beer urge on weekdays, there are health perks associated with taking a break from the bottle. Not to lecture you, but benefits from reducing alcohol consumption include decreased fat in your liver and glucose in your blood, improved sleep quality (see above!) as well as increased mental well-being, focus and memory. Pro tip: if you feel the urge for a nightcap, try a hot cup of tea that has relaxing properties in it (Chamomile, Kava and Rooibos are our faves). 


Sometimes life can get monotonous. Happens to the best of us. Which is why getting out of your comfort zone is so important. We’re not suggesting skydiving (but that would really shake things up!), but it could be as simple as gardening, a yoga class, mountain biking, cooking new recipes or going to a museum. Chances are that trying something new will increase your self-confidence and open doors to enlightening experiences. Plus, you’ll increase adaptability and agility to acquire new skills. So, stay curious, my friends. 


This one is rather broad but intensely important. So many men move through life in an unconscious manner. To put it quite bluntly, wouldn’t you rather be “conscious” than “unconscious”? A few actions that can easily increase awareness include meditation, focusing on one thing at a time, slowing down, eating mindfully (not in front of the TV), moving your body more, spending more time in nature and keeping your screentime in check.  Which leads us to… 



When you find yourself with a spare minute, what’s your go-to impulse? Chances are you’re reaching for your phone. Sure, there’s a world of information in your front pocket, but breaking free of the need to scroll can positively affect your health. Too much screentime can lead to obesity, sleep problems, chronic neck and back problems, depression and anxiety. Instead, pick up a book (or magazine) and take off on a different sort of journey. Not only does reading strengthen your mind, but it will also increase your focus, knowledge and self-confidence. Be the one at the party who sparks an intriguing, meaningful conversation instead of regurgitating the latest pop culture gossip. 



It begins with a meaningful “thank you” but that’s just scratching the surface. Showing heartfelt appreciation means you’ve noticed something good and you genuinely appreciate it. Gratitude helps us build better relationships, feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, create loving bonds, build trust and makes us all feel closer to one another. Plus, in saying “thank you,” you might actually encourage someone to do a kind act again. And that potentially would perpetuate itself throughout all humankind. 


So, at that, we’ll conclude by thanking you for visiting our website. And we appreciate the opportunity to provide you with the support and comfort each and every one of you deserves. Happy new year! 

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