Same People. Same Company. Same Product.
Just better.

The story of BN3TH started out as a business philosophy, a brand that would change the game and the way men (people?) think and talk about underwear. Formerly known as MyPakage, we looked into the future of our company and thought, what brand name could define the culture of our company & it's customers while remaining authentic to who we are as individuals? A name that allowed us to tell stories of everyday people being great every day.

We chose BN3TH!

BN3TH sounds like the proper spelling; 'beneath' or bee-neath, |bəˈnēTH|.

We make the world's best and most comfortable underwear and will continue to evolve into much more. Our goal will always remain the same: to be a brand that is more than just a name, but a lifestyle and a brand driven by purpose - BN3TH the surface. We unlock the confidence to invite adventure into our everyday lives. We strive to make the most innovative, comfortable and best quality engineered apparel - providing uncompromising support for those progressive individuals who fill their lives with the activities and passions they love. After all, isn’t that what life is all about?

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BN3TH The Surface